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Beauty Spa

Skin Care

Refresher Facial $75

40 min.

Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive, this facial is the perfect introductory to taking care of your skin or for anyone on a time crunch. Lead the day with your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. 

Hydrating Antioxidant Facial $100

60 min.

This gentle but effective antioxidant infused facial will leave you glowing. This is the perfect facial to receive before an event. This facial utilizes the exfoliating power of acids, enzymes, and jojoba beads to remove that dry, dull top layer of the skin, leaving the skin looking bright and refreshed.

Skin Clarifying Facial $100

60 min.

Targeting acne prone skin, excess oil, and congestion with powerful bacteria fighting properties like tea tree, fulvic acid, and a blend of AHA's. Calm and sooth inflamed skin to heal and protect the skin from further damage.

Radiance Facial $100

60 min.

Actively targeting discoloration, dark spots, and photo-damage with powerful peptides, Vitamin C, lactic acid and anti-oxidant packed products. This facial will leave your skin looking youthful and radiant. 

Chocolate Facial $120

75 min.

This intense treatment not only works on the pleasure receptors with its decadent intoxicating chocolate aroma, it also incorporates a powerful antioxidant trio to help repair photo-aging and environmentally damaged skin. 

Oxygen Lift Facial $150

90 min. 

The luxurious 90 minute facial helps to breathe life back into dull, aging skin with oxygen rich ingredients. It will simultaneously lift and tone the skin with our CBD infused protein lift masque.

Facial Peel $85

45 min.

Offering a variety of peels, we can target anything from photo-damaged, aging skin, to inflamed acne. All treatments are customized to your skin type to help you achieve balanced healthy skin.

A minimum of 6 treatments is recommended for best results.

Series of 6 peels $455

Add ons

  • Chemical Peel $20

  • Oxygen Power booster $10
  • Extractions $10

  • Reflexology $10

  • Lymphatic Drainage $10

Man Getting a Facial
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